Cede bank security

Cede Bank offers a revolution in banking security. As a result of our cutting-edge user recognition systems and fraud detection AI, we are the world’s first bank to offer an unlimited and immediate fraud reversal guarantee.

The most secure banking ever

You're in control. Cede will make it easier to manage your own security,
while always standing behind our customers

Freeze Cards

No more sitting in a call queue to report a missing card, or rushing to a private spot to make the call. With the Cede Bank app, you can lock any of your cards in seconds at the tap of a button. When your card is lost or stolen, time matters. Using our secure app, you can freeze the card instantly, wherever you are.

Freeze CardsGuaranteed account value
Fraud Hotline

Fraud Hotline

We provide a 24/7 fraud hotline to ensure you can always report fraud as soon as it happens. In addition to immediately reversing any fraudulent charges, our fraud experts will assist with every step of recovering and securing your information.

Fraud Detection AI

Our advanced fraud detection AI detects fraudulent payments and blocks them before the funds ever leave your account. This system constantly monitors login locations, purchasing patterns and many other factors to spot suspicious activity.

Your Vault
Account holder verification

Account Holder Verification

If we suspect fraud on your account, biometric identification systems are used to ensure nobody but you can access the account.