Is your money safe?

If you think your money is safe - think again. Any account holder with over £85,000 in savings risks losing it with any bank other than Cede.

Cede will guarantee your money by being the only bank that treats your money like it's yourswhile offering the safest, most secure banking possible.

Cede - Is Your Money Safe?

Keeping your money safe

Learn how Cede can guarantee your full account value, and how we keep your money safer than any other bank.

Guaranteed Account Value

When you deposit money in a normal bank account, they can choose what to do with that money, they might lend it out in the form of loans and mortgages, or invest it in securities or debt. They then pay you a small portion of the returns in interest.

This means banks don't have all of their customers money available to withdraw, and in the UK if their lending or investments fail, the government backs your account value up to £85,000.

Cede don't touch your money, we have no investments and we loan no money, so all our customers can withdraw all of their money at any time, and we can guarantee any amount you pay in is safe.

Guaranteed account value
Guaranteed account value

Your Money Guarantee

All money stored in your account is covered by our YourMoney guarantee. Cede bank guarantee all money stored in your account will be able to be withdrawn at any time, Cede will not leverage, lend out or otherwise touch your money.

Your vault

The ultimate in secure money storage. All money placed in your Cede Vault is untouchable by anyone. Verify it's you and you can instantly move money from your vault onto a card, ready to spend.

Your Vault

Additional Information

Cede Bank offers a revolution in banking security. As a result of our cutting-edge user recognition systems and fraud detection AI, we are the world’s first bank to offer an unlimited and immediate fraud reversal guarantee.