Cede, Bank, get
out of the way

We are not a bank. We are here to put you back in control of your assets and wealth. The Bank of you.

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Bank your IP value

You possess valuable intangible assets, intellectual properties that drive value and create wealth. We help you bank and leverage that value.

Valuations you can trust

Advanced checking engine, direct experience and real time market dynamics ensures you get the most accurate representation of your assets value.


Our valuations are based on real time market conditions, addressable market need, brand recognition as well as the board members combined reputations and history.


Monetise & scale
with confidence

With Cede Bank, you can:

Monetise your intangible assets, turning them into liquidity.
Borrow using your assets as collateral.
Expand your reach, diversify revenue streams and scale globally.

Take control of your future

Tap into the wealth of opportunities your assets offer and drive your company towards global success.